Friday, May 25, 2007

Me VS. The Deer

Well I am 28 weeks today and what an eventful day it has been. On my way to work this morning I hit a deer going 55mph. Did not see him until I hit him. I was pretty shook up. My air bags deployed and of course I was more worried about Isabelle than myself. The ambulance brought me to Baptist East (where I will deliver in 12 weeks.) They checked my hand that was burnt and bruised a little from the air bag. My OB wanted me monitored for 23 hours. So we are on the Labor & Delivery floor where they are monitoring me for contractions and Izzie. She is doing well her heart rate has been good and she is moving and kicking again! They did an ultrasound earlier and we got a great pic of her face I will post when they send me home, she has chubby cheeks. She weighs about 2 pounds 8 ounces and fluid was looking good and she was moving and kicking. So they will monitor her heart beat through the night. We are both doing fine they are just doing this as a precaution. I am not having any contractions which is good. My car was torn up pretty good we should know next week if they will be able to fix it or not! I will post again when we return home!