Saturday, September 7, 2013

Isabelle tying shoes

Saturday, August 10, 2013

1st Grade

How is this even possible?!?!?! This was her first day of First grade on Wed. with her teacher, Mrs. Kuerzi.

We are very excited for her to have Mrs. Kuerzi this year. She is a close personal friend and colleague and a wonderful teacher. Isabelle is in great hands with her! Moving Isabelle over to public school last year was the best decision we made. She was in great hands with Mrs. Allan last year who is also a close personal friend, colleague and wonderful teacher and she is in great hands this year! We are excited for this year of school for Isabelle. Because of the change we made in January moving her from the private school to public school after we were not seeing much progress in her learning, Isabelle progressed so much with Amy in Kindergarten. I truly feel Izzie really only had a half of year of Kindergarten since the first half was so disappointing for us. She made leaps and bounds in that second semester but it was quick and hard for her. She worked hard and did great but in her little eyes she feels like it was so hard and she feels like she struggles. Izzie does not struggle but her confidence in her learning is a struggle. So after talking with Mrs. Kuerzi our goal this year is to change that in her little head for her!!!!! She will have an awesome year!!!!

Yes she had a birthday last week and so I know you are waiting on birthday pics! I promise to get those on here in the next few days!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Ears Pierced

Isabelle has been asking for awhile now to get her ear's pierced. Well the usual answer from me is "you have to ask your daddy" and daddy's answer is "not until you are older." Well she had it in her head 10 was older and says "I know not until I am 10." Now even with that it does not stop her from asking all the time.
Well Saturday we were at the mall and once again she asked and I gave my usual answer and this time daddy did not give his usual. We were all shocked, so Isabelle decided she wanted to think about it as we shopped. So she did and as we were leaving we went in Claire's and she decided yes she wanted to do it!
She picked out Hello Kitty earrings and she got up in the chair all smiles. She was so excited. So they marked the spots, I told them they had one shot and they had to do both ears at the same time. They did and she was not so sure when they got all ready and the countdown began. They pierced them, her eyes got big and tears started flowing. She did so good only cried for about 2-3 minutes and it was not a freak out cry! Once she stopped crying she got excited and LOVED them!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bad Blogger

I know Uncle Dennis & GUB you are longing for an update!!! I have been so bad and will so try to do better. I think I still need to add Christmas pics! Here is a pic to hold you over and any other followers we have out there. This was at Isabelle's recital last week, Nama & Papa were able to come. Oh and we have good news our family grew by 1 last night Rickey & Sarah had Beau last night! He is just precious!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mommy Daughter Date with our BFF'S

We had such a fun day with Beth & Rachel. We went after church to see Pinkalicious! It was so good. Best children's play I have seen in awhile! So much pink & so much fun!

Waiting for it to start

So excited

On Stage after the show
Mrs. Pinkerton

Getting Autographs

Allison, Pinkalicious' BFF


Mr. Pinkerton

Dr. Wink

Talking about the show all the way to the car

After the show we got visit Miss Shannon in her dorm!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gymnastics...Oh how she LOVES Gymnastics!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter dance recital

She is growing so much in dance & gymnastics! In Dec. she had her winter dance recital and did so good! We got her hair to curl and she looked so pretty! I did not video just pics with my phone. I can't wait until the spring recital so i can use my new camera I got for Christmas!!!! Enjoy the pics, sorry some are blurry!

She lost her 2nd tooth...Dec. 15th!

Yes I am a bit behind! That second tooth was hanging by a thread on Dec. 15th. She first had her dance recital (post to come on that) and then we went out to eat. She bit into a chicken nugget and it all but came out. So she will only let Miss Amy touch her teeth right now, so we headed to her house and let her do her thing!!!! That night the tooth fairy left her $1 & Miss Amy had given her a $1! The tooth fairy took her tooth this time and she dipped her dress in the cup of water we left out and it was pink!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Tooth Fairy made a visit

She made her 1st visit to Isabelle and boy was it a good one. She left a note and the tooth. She left $5 and a picture of herself flying over Izzie! Oh yes and she did dip her dress in the water and we learned her dress was blue before we saw her picture and blue it was! This morning was so magical and I love it! The smile and amazement on Isabelle's face was so priceless! Love that girl!

 Opened up my computer and we found this pic The Tooth Fairy left on my computer, it was a huge surprise!
 So we found the pic in my files so we could use it! ;)
 So mommy had fun with some editing!!!!