Friday, June 22, 2007

Ultrasound 31 Weeks 6 Days

Our appointment went well with the high risk doctor at Baptist East. Thankfully the fluid in Isabelle's bowl has not gotten any bigger. He said it was not an obstruction which would be very bad, so we are thankful for that. He sees no since for alarm he said there is a ligament that goes between the bowl and the umbilical cord and sometimes fluid gets backed up in that. He had a big long name for it I can not remember. He said he would send the report to Dr. Basham who I see on Monday. He said if she did anything about it, it would be minor and he said she may even wait until Isabelle is born and either ultrasound her then and decide or just watch her and how she goes to the bathroom in the beginning. So we will see what Dr. Basham says on Monday at my OB appointment. Other than that Izzie was being stubborn once again she was laying head down with her face towards my back so we did not get a shot at getting her face on 3-D ultrasound. She weighs about 4lbs now and her measurements are good. The pics show a arm and a hand, a leg and a foot, spine and head and her heart. I spared you all the girl parts this time although now that she is bigger you can really tell that she is a girl! Thanks for all the prayers and we will continue to pray for this to be a minor thing for Isabelle and for her to be healthy when she is born!