Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2nd Day Home

We are adjusting and life has changed before Sat. I would have checked email no telling how many times and spent time on the Internet etc. Not now! We have been busy today seeing the home health nurse this morning for Isabelle's jaundice and then taking her to her pediatrician's appointment and in between that she eats and when she sleeps I sleep! Life has changed and Scott & I would not have it any other way we are so smitten with her. She is just so precious and special we love her so much. I added pics to show you her tanning bed and what she looks like inside it. Hopefully her bilirubin will be down tomorrow it did go up today but not much at all so we are looking for it to hopefully go down tomorrow. I will let you know! Please keep her in your prayers to get this jaundice over with so we can get rid of those lights and spend much more time snuggling. We do cheat some because she loves to snuggle and all though we keep her in it faithfully we have to snuggle her as well! Her first doctors appointment was good they said she was perfect which we already knew. She gained an ounce so that is good and she looks really good. We go back next week for a weight check but as along as the home health nurse comes out for this jaundice she will also check her weight! Enjoy the pics!