Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best Buddies

Everyday I leave my baby girl with Beth & Rachel. I never have a worry about her throughout the day. YES I miss her but I know she is not only being taken care of she is being LOVED all day long. Beth and I have become best friends over the years. We had a lot of things in common and still do and our friendship just continues to get stronger. I look at these pics of the girls and realize that their little bond of friendship is getting stronger each and everyday. I know Rachel will be glad when Isabelle can move around like she can, and that will not be long. I just love these pics and I know they will be Best Buddies like their Mommies! Enjoy!


Crain Family said...

You're very sweet! We love having Izzie! I'm glad you don't worry while she's at my house. Rachel helps me take good care of her! Izzie is a good baby! I can't wait to see the girls actually start playing with each other! BUT, I don't want them to grow up too fast!