Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Update!

Well we had a good weekend to the end of fall break but Sunday Daddy was feeling sick so we quarantined him to one room. Isabelle had a play date with her cousins but we did not want to expose them to the daddy germs so we met over at Grandorie's house. Natalie & Sydney saw Izzie for the first time in person. They were so upset when they were not allowed to see her in the hospital because they were to young. They got to help feed her hold her and love on her. Sydney the cutie with the red hair got to see that Izzie's hair has red in it just like hers! Monday Isabelle stayed with Beth & Rachel and had a great day, her and Rachel talked and played and so I added the cute pics Beth took of them playing! When Isabelle stays with Beth she gets to come to school with Mommy in the morning and afternoon. So this morning she was wide eyed and helped me get my room ready for the Monday back from fall break and this afternoon she got all kinds of lovin' from all the wonderful teachers and friends mommy works with! Daddy is feeling a bit better and so we just hope Izzie & Mommy do not get it!!!!! We talked to Gamma this afternoon and she was helping Poppa catch geckos in the house! Sounds like fun huh well until they drop their tails and freak Gamma out! I still can't believe there are lizards running around everywhere and get in your house like a fly would when the door is open. The dogs are having fun chasing them too. Gamma is busy unpacking each day and today she said she unpacked all of Izzie's pics! Enjoy the pics!