Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Election Day

Well today was election day so school was out but NOT for teachers in Shelby County. It was PD day for us! So Isabelle spent the day with Beth, Rachel and Jack. Jack is usually at school with me (he is in my Kindergarten class) when Izzie stays with Beth but today he got to be with her! Enjoy the video of Isabelle talking to Jack and the sweet pics!

Enjoy the slide show of some pics taken on Monday! Look at her chewing on that "cold" teether she loved it! I know it felt good on those gums!


Kim said...

Chandler is hitting the teething pretty hard. She constantly drools and has her fist in her mouth! She started last month-the cold and frozen teethers are awesome! It's a shame these 2 can't be closer together.

Crain Family said...

She's a sweetie!! Jack loved talking to her! I think it is too sweet how he rubs her head at the end of the video. Is that the real Jack??? (-: