Saturday, January 26, 2008

Izzie Exploring Her Book

Oh how I LOVE a lazy weekend! It is nice to have some down time after traveling last weekend. The weather is BRRRRRRR COLD and overcast, one of those days you want to stay snuggled inside where it is we are! We are just hanging out and playing and having fun. Well also washing clothes and catching up on laundry! So we have been playing all morning and Izzie has been exploring her Taggie book I have some pics and a video! She is really into it so much that she is ignoring me as I talk to her! I did not get it on video but she got mad when she was not able to get the book back on her lap I mean mad a true temper tantrum! Although we thought it was pretty funny now those might not be so funny in the future huh! Wish I had gotten that on video but it happened while I was pulling this video off the memory card oh well maybe another time!


CBJR Family said...

She's gonna be a reader!! She and Rachel will have to read books together! I sure hope she didn't learn that attitude from Rachie!

Rhonda J said...

How funny! Already at her age, ignoring her mommy when she is busy doing something she likes! LOL She is bound to love books with you for a mommy. The pictures above with Izzie and her daddy are just precious and you are right, they need no words. Glad you had a nice cozy day inside enjoying your beautiful baby girl!