Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We had a SNOW Day!

It is always great when you wake up turn on the news and it says School Closings at the bottom of the screen and even better when it scrolls across and says SHELBY Co SCHOOLS- CLOSED! Yes we got a snow day and how wonderful to have one right after our long weekend trip. It gave me a day to spend with Isabelle and rest up from the trip! Got to love the snow days when you are a teacher! Enjoy the pics of Izzie in the snow for the first time ever!


Kim said...

First snow-very cool! Awesome timing with your trip! Enjoy the day with Isabelle!

JessicaChambers said...

I bet poor Izzie's confused! One minute she's at the beach, the next minute she's a popsicle! No matter where she is she always has a beautiful smile!

CBJR Family said...

Wow! From one extreme to the next! Izzie seems to enjoy both types of weather! What a fun, long weekend for you guys!