Sunday, February 3, 2008

"Busy" Izzie

Here are 2 videos of what we affectionately now call Isabelle..."Busy" Izzie! She is so busy always moving always looking around. The memory card ran out on the first one so I had to pull the video off the camera and started the 2nd one! We are in for it when she starts crawling because she is rarely still!
In the first video is sounds like she is saying "Da Da"!

1st Video

2nd Video


CBJR Family said...

She IS a busy girl! She's got so much to explore and learn about! You're right--it sounds like she is saying "Da Da"! How exciting!

JessicaChambers said...

Now we know what Izzie and Scott do all day...he's been teaching her to say DaDa!!! I like that nickname. It sure does suit her!

Kim said...

Love the nickname!

Rhonda J said...

I love how she started to fuss until she found herself in the mirror! How sweet. I think you are right about her being busy, but then just look at her mommy!