Sunday, February 17, 2008

Infertility's Common Thread

I have been reading some blogs and came across one with this symbol on it. I then checked out the following link Infertility's Common Thread. I immediately decided I would have this symbol on my blog. I never try to hide what all I have been through to now have Isabelle here in my arms. She truly is our miracle. I read through blogs everyday and come in contact with women going through or have went through the pain of losing a pregnancy the heartache of negative pregnancy tests month after month and even the hard but exciting road of IVF. I always feel drawn to these blogs I have no idea who these women are but we share so much in common. I have talked to some through email and I definitely keep up with their blogs. It will never be a secret that my baby is a IVF baby, we sometimes call her our little popsicle because that is what the IVF nurse referred to her as the day we found out I was pregnant since she was a frozen embryo. Yes I wish I was able to have gotten pregnant the easy way (no treatments, no losses) and I wish I had never lost 2 babies to ectopic pregnancies and I wish I had not had a failed IVF cycle which resulted in losing 2 embryos. I also wish I did not have to struggle for 4 years to get pregnant but I did and now here I am with a healthy 6 month old who is my world. I don't want someone to read my blog and think oh she has a baby lucky her she got pregnant and now she is showing her baby off like crazy. If only it had been that easy. I will always be one of those now moms that understands what those women who are not pregnant yet and going through great measures is going through. I am truly blessed and for whatever reason I had to go through all that heartache for 4 years so I could have my little Izzie Grace today and I sit here today with all that behind me and I would not trade any of it, because through it all I became a stronger person, my marriage was strengthened beyond belief and now I feel I can be an understanding ear to others going through it now. If my story can give one couple out there HOPE then I know by telling my story I have done some good!


Kim said...

I am convinced going though infertility gives you an extra measure of appreciation for a child. The uncertainty of ever having one makes you never take it for granted and makes you really treasure each moment. And it is neat that there is a certain connection shared by those of us who have battled infertility. I am so glad that is now behind both of us and we both now have the blessing of our babies. A long but necessary road to get our miracle "meant to be babies"!

theragan3 said...

I found your blog thru cfhusband and immediately felt a bond. I struggled for 2 years with infertility. Unfortunately, my GYN thought she could "help" me and did IUI after IUI with me and prescribed Clomid time after time. She didn't do me any favors. After finally visiting a Fertility dr. we found that I was never going to get pregnant on my own - my ovaries were stuck together and stuck to my uterus, my tubes were twisted and I had Endometrisis pretty badly. Plus the amount of clomid I was on actually decreased my ability to get PG. Thankfully, after 1 round of IVF we were pregnant. My boys were born premature at 28 weeks.

No one can understand the pain of infertility - how much it hurts when you watch your friends and sister getting pregnant all around you. But it most definitely gives you an extra sense of cherishing every moment with your child/children since it took so long to get them!

I will never hide the fact that Abraham was an IVF baby - it is my story and I am proud of what we did because we wanted to be parents so badly.

May God bless you and your family!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Hopefully I will be able to be more open about our losses when we are finally able to a hold our baby in our arms.

BTW, I love the little pic with your wedding bands and the baby's toes... ONE DAY... when I'm able to copy it, I will! Do you mind? It's such a beautiful picture.