Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Look at this cute onesie we got a few weeks ago at Target I just love it!

Saturday was so pretty as well as Sunday. Saturday Scott was doing some work at his mom's house so Grandorie, Izzie & I headed to the Summit. What a pretty day to be outside shopping. We had to return some things to Old Navy and got some socks in exchange for Izzie. Then we walked down to Children's Place because I had a gift card still from my baby shower in JULY, but we stopped off at Baby Gap, oh my we found cute onsies on sale and the best of all Izzie has her winter coat for next year and it was only $17.99 and Baby Gap! What a deal. It is pink and oh so cute! Then we stopped so Izzie could eat and then headed over to Children's Place. We spent the gift card on some cute spring & summer clothes (all on the sale rack) I did get he a couple new headbands and they are so cute as you can see in the pics! Of course we had to go to Target. This was a different one from Friday night and finally I was able to get another paci holder that I have not been able to find in about 6 months! YES I finally got the pink & brown one!!!!! Anyway we finished the night off by joining daddy, Sonny & Chandler at Hometown for dinner!

Today it is beautiful outside and she woke up around 7:45AM! We have just been hanging out, Daddy did our taxes this morning and now is referring to Izzie has his "little tax deduction". Needless to say we are getting some $ back and we are happy since Scott has been out of work for 6 months and his business has been slow! Better than paying any day! Izzie is napping and when she wakes up we are going to run to the grocery. Sunday so far is uneventful but so pretty so we are going to soak up some of the sunshine and hopefully it will reach 67 degrees today as they have promised! COME ON SPRING!


CBJR Family said...

Precious pictures!! Love the headband!

Kim said...

Love all the recent videos/pics!
What a cutie!

The Sanchez Family said...

Those headbands are sooo cute! She is adorable.

Lani said...

Your Izzie is adorable! Congrats! Motherhood is just the best isn't it. Thanks for finding and reading my blog!