Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy 40th Daddy

Well we finally pulled it off we surprised Scott with a 40th Surprise party tonight. His Birthday was April 27th but that is the weekend after Mamaw passed away. We had originally planned his surprise party for April 19th and had to cancel it due to the family needing to be with mamaw. So we rescheduled and yes we pulled it off! Scott's mom and I ran around all day getting it pulled together. Izzie spent the afternoon with Wendi & Abbie which was wonderful to have her taken care of and brought to the party...Thanks McGohon's you all are the best!

Well Scott was being a bit stubborn today and refused to go out to eat tonight which was our plan to get him ready and get him there so plan B Doris called and told him she needed help getting the tables back up to Farm Bureau. So he said OK and I said I would go with them and then we could go and get Izzie. Only 1 problem Scott was going in his lounging shorts. I tried everything to get him to put jeans on but he refused so I let it go and yes as he was surprised by family & friends I said "I told you to put your jeans on" So yes that was priceless! Only my hubby would go in his lounging clothes, oh well it was his party he could do what he wanted huh! It will be a GREAT memory!

It was a wonderful evening and I thank everyone for coming and helping us pull it off! Happy 40th B-day Scott! Izzie & I love you so much and I look forward to 40+++ more years together! Love ya babe!

Today Izzie wore her new tennis shoes, she likes them! She is standing up and letting go and standing on her own for a couple of seconds so it won't be long now. She did take 1 step the other night & realized she was not holding on to anything. She looks cute in her shoes. Her diaper rash is getting better. Tonight we let her play for a little while in the buff to get air to the diaper rash so I could not resist some bare butt pics! I know she is going to kill me for these one day but they are so cute!


Kim said...

Happy 40th Birthday, Scott! That is a big one-glad you had a sweet wife to make it so special! Hope this is the best year yet!

PJ said...

Awwww Izzie's teef are comin' in!!!

My husband had his big 40th in March! Time flies when you're having fun!

Um... 15 days until school is out! Cheer with me! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Scott!!! Vsechno nejlepsi k narozeninam.
I hope you guys doing good, i have been looking at your page all the time and seeing Izzie grow up, she is so cute!!! You all take care..
Natasa Hale

Jessica said...

You finally pulled off that surprise party!!! Happy belated birthday, Scott!! Glad the rash is better..she looks so big wearing big girl shoes!

CBJR Family said...

Happy 40th Birthday, Scott! Looks like the party was lots of fun! Love Izzie's shoes! She looks like such a big girl in them! Those baby booty shots are the best!

The Sanchez Family said...

Happy 40th Scott! I love surprize parties! She looks so cute with that bear hiney, those are the best pics! I love the shoes! She will be walking before you know it! I am going to email you Z's schedule so we can get together at the park!