Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yard Sale

We had a yard sale Saturday and did not do too bad! We sold a couch, love seat and a lounge chair so that brought in some good $! It was a little slower than I expected so we will definitely have another one in a couple of weeks. It was worth it though since we got rid of 3 pieces of furniture 2 of which were taking up space in the garage. Getting rid of the lounge chair opened up our living room and gave Izzie a lot more room!

We had a great day the weather was gorgeous. I took some pics and the one with Isabelle's crazy hair is so funny. It was wild after I rubbed sunscreen all over her head! Got to protect that baby's skin! I did not realize truly how many clothes she had until I started going through them. I put some out for sale and I still have a ton packed away for the next Collins baby, if it is a girl, if it is a boy well then we will have to buy all new!

Last night Abbie went with Izzie and I to babies R us to pick up a shower gift for work and we went to eat and to Target! It was fun. Izzie even got the Laugh & Learn Baby Grand Piano, SHE LOVES IT! I will post pics and video of her dancing later!

Oh yeah I have to mention my great idea of selling food did not go over well. It was a good thought. I was going to sell, hot dogs, brownies and drinks for the IVF fund. I only sold about $5.00 worth but it was a good idea. Except now we have a lot of hot dogs to eat and Scott will not let me live this one down for awhile! Oh well! :)

The slide show also has some cute pics from this past week!


Brenda Bland said...

I had a yard sale a couple weeks ago, myself. I did pretty decent. I did the brownies, hot dogs, and drinks as well. You should put some of your left over yard sale items on Craigslist. We have been doing that as well as Ebay. We sold a utility trailer in 5 minutes on Craigslist.

Jessica said...

Glad you had a good yard sale! I love the wild hair. Bring some of those hot dogs to school...we'll eat all week!

The Sanchez Family said...

I would just keep the hot dogs for the next yard sale! I am sure there will be some more hungry people! I am glad you did well! I sure hope I win that quilt. Keeping my fingers crossed. Zachary has a game Thursday night at 5:30 if you and Izzie are free!