Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Table Food

Right after I posted her 10 month post we ate dinner. We were having spaghetti and so we decided to get the chopper out and chop up some for Isabelle...she loved it! She was saying "mmm mmm" after each bite! She ate probably equivalent to a 4-5 oz jar of baby food. We could not believe how much she liked it, like her mommy she is going to love spaghetti! I love it the only time I was not able to eat it or did not even want to see it was through my pregnancy weird huh because after I had her I wanted it again and it tasted good to me again! Funny cravings and memories of pregnancy! Enjoy the pics and the video!


Jessica said...

How sweet! Those diapers should start getting good and stinky soon with all that table food! God bless the Diaper Genie!

CBJR Family said...

Yummy!! Spaghetti!