Monday, June 9, 2008


OK I am loving being at home. Isabelle and I are having so much fun quality mommy/daughter time! We have a pretty good schedule going so during the morning 2 hour naps she has been taking I get to do things around the house and work on the blog! I love this slide show and will add to it as the months go on! Many people ask "is she always this happy?" My answer is "yes she is" I am not saying my baby never cries she has her moments but we are so blessed that she is such a happy baby! So I went back through photos and had a hard time choosing so that the slide show did not go on for weeks! I have to admit when I previewed it I cried and hugged Izzie as we watched together she loves the music and the pics and says what sounds like "Izzie" as she watches! Enjoy!


The Sanchez Family said...

I LOVE THAT! It made me cry watching it. She is so adorable. Isn't it great getting to stay at home with her! It is so much fun.