Monday, July 28, 2008

Countdowns & random pics

Here are a few random pics, a couple of them you can see one of those new bottom teeth! It has been a busy start to the week so much is getting ready to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Papa & Gamma will be here tomorrow (Tues.) then of course we have the big 1st Birthday Party this weekend and the 1st Birthday next Monday.

Next school starts next Tues. for me and that means first day for Izzie at her new sitter's. We are going to visit Miss S. tomorrow! Next Wed. is the 1st day of school for kids!

Then on Friday my baby brother is really going to get married...WOW!!!! So there will be family coming in all throughout the next couple of weeks and some of them have not seen Izzie since she was ity bity!

I will post this weekend, she has her pics made on Sat. and of course after the Party on Sunday and then another family party for out of town family during the week!!!!! There is a lot going on! :)


The Sanchez Family said...

WOW! There is a lot going on for you! I can't beleive that Ricky is getting married! I am sure Izzie will be beautiful at the wedding. We can't wait to come to the 1st birthday party.

Kim said...

Busy month!
I am so happy for Ricky! He's a sweetie. Please tell him and your parents hello from all of us. Hopefully we may try to get that way next summer and can get together with you, meet Izzie and meet his wife.
You'll have to tell your parents, we very commonly talk about our Sundays with you guys at your moms. Those were great times that we miss so much. You just never know how blessed you are to have family until you are far away, right?!
Have a great time at the wedding.
And can't wait to see Izzie's 1st birthday pictures!