Monday, August 11, 2008

1 Year Check

Isabelle saw Dr. Collins today for her 1 year check. She weighs 21.2 lbs (50%) I was shocked I thought she weighed more than that!!!! She had a growth spurt on her height drum roll please 29 inches (50%) way to go Izzie, even Dr. Collins made a comment to that! Head Circumference 18 (70%) that means she has a big brain full of great smarts!!!!

Dr. Collins was thrilled to see her running around the room and said she had a great vocabulary even in her jabbering! She said from a Dr.'s view she was proud of how Isabelle is meeting her developmental milestones. From a mommy point of view I am also quite proud!

She is now on whole milk. We have been transitioning her for the past month by using 1/2 toddler formula and 1/2 whole milk. Now we are on straight whole milk!

Izzie got 3 shots OUCH and boy did she scream and boy did she give that nurse a dirty look after they were finished! She has done great this evening not crabby at all, let's hope that stays the same for tomorrow! She goes back at 15 months in Nov.

We are getting on a better schedule now that the busy week is over. Last night we started bed time routine with a bath around 7PM and she was in bed by 8PM and slept until 6AM! So hopefully we can stick to that schedule with 8:30pm being the absolute latest to get into bed!

Here are some pics of Daddy & Izzie building with her new legos tonight!


CBJR Family said...

Ya' gotta love getting good news from the doctor at check-ups! Sounds like Miss Izzie is perfect! Rachie better start growing or something! Izzie's catching up! I'm glad her appointment went well! We are so fortunate to have healthy children!