Saturday, August 2, 2008

Isabelle's 1 Yr. Pictures

We went to our favorite photo place (Portrait Innovations) this morning for Izzie's 1 year pics. Once again we were so pleased and she did great. The photographer said they have never had cake pictures turn out so well. She was really into the cake and smiling and clapping. They said she did great. Our photographer said she was going to display one of Izzie's cake pics in their studio!

She was great with her and we will ask for her next time. Izzie was into everything this time and of course running around which made the session very busy but she got great shots out of it. I put together the slide show it is long but we had 109 pics not all 109 are in the slide show I narrowed it down well except for the cake shots they are just too cute! Enjoy!


Jessica said...

My goodness, how will you ever choose?!??! I love them all.

Happy Early Birthday Izzie! The Chambers Family loves you!

Lenari said...

How did you clean the cake off if you don't mind me asking? My daughter is set to have similar pictures taken.