Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Izzie's first day at the sitter's

Izzie did great mommy not so much!!!! Well it was not that bad but I have to have it down so one day she can read how silly her mommy was on the first day back and having to leave her baby at a new place! She did good slept all night and woke up ready to play at 5:45AM! Perfect timing! So we headed off to Miss S's house and I took her in she was the first one. Told Miss S a few things and kissed her bye and handed her to Miss S. I waved bye and and ran to the car and cried all the way to work.

I pulled myself together and mid morning I saw another teacher at work who dropped her kiddos off after me and she said Izzie was playing and doing fine when she dropped her 2 kids off. So I was relieved. I called at lunch and Miss S said she was napping and doing great!

I went to pick her up and could hear them playing downstairs and headed down there. I said Hi and Izzie looked up and started crying, I got over to her and picked her up she was crying & smiling and she hugged me so hard I started crying, I know I am so silly! She started telling me all about her day pointing around. I know she had a good day and she was her normal happy self.
She only took at 30 minute nap so needless to say she crashed tonight.

Hopefully we will both get used to the new routine and I hope she gets back to her good napping for Miss S.

I am including a pic of Iz and Miss S taken last week when we went to visit!!!!! Tomorrow is another day and I am sure she will have another good one!

I have a few more b-day pics to post and a couple of 1 year posts to make but this week is so busy (wedding is in 3 days and school starts tomorrow so it may be the weekend before I get caught up on posts)


CBJR Family said...

Poor Mommy! It will get better!