Friday, September 5, 2008

Allergy Test

Right after the scratch test

Waiting our 15 Minutes

Right after the needles...poor Izzie
Playing with the cool toys waiting for the 15 minutes on her arm test

Well it looks like Miss Izzie inherited some of our "BAD" genes. She has quite a few allergies for such a young age. She did really well Dr. Guin was so nice and our nurse was WONDERFUL and so sweet. She did good for the back test just a bit annoyed and then the needles...oh the needles. She had to have 18! YIKES and she screamed through all 18 but as soon as the last one was done and the nurse left the room she was fine. She was still friends with our nurse afterwards, she gave her some fun toys to take home and of course the wonderful safety suckers to distract her during the back test!

She is allergic to all 3 molds (outside, inside and mixed), dust mites, grass, cats, dogs & cockroaches (yeah I did not even know they tested for that) She was not tested for everything but these were the seasonal ones!. He is quite sure she will be allergic to tree pollen she just has not had enough exposure yet. Thankfully she is not allergic to any foods!

So treatment for these right now NO SHOTS!!! YEAH FOR THAT! Right now we will use Zyrtec and Loratadine there is 1 more we are holding off on because it can make her hyper! He said to wait and try the other two first. We go back in Nov. for a check to see how she is doing with the medicines as needed.

All in all she did great and of course they fell in love with her. Dr. Guin said hold on to her because our nurse wanted to take her home and she was so sad she had to be the one to do the shots, she did not want Izzie upset with her.


happymomof2 said...

Well looks like we will be right there with you all! Henry is going to the allergist and having the scratch test done the middle of the month. I am dreading it, however if he has to have it done and if it will help than I guess we have too. Looks like Izzie did well. What a relief no food allergies (they are NO fun at all). Hope that you all have a great weekend

Kim said...

Oh my! That test looks familiar-poor Izzie. I'm so proud of her for being a big girl!
I'm sorry for all of the allergies, but thankful you now know what they are.
I hope those 2 meds work for her-thanks for the update!

Jessica said...

Poor Izzie! I'm sure glad that's over with! Hope her welps go down soon, and glad it wasn't too traumatic for her. The only memories I have of allergy testing are bad ones!

BlandPartyof5 said...

I have been through the allergy testing with my kids and it is not fun! Last fall Kelsey had to get retested on allergies and learned she is allergic to cats. Thankfully, no dogs (because of Brownie) They gave her 42 sticks. She takes allergy shots every week plus Loradadine. Austin shots are down to once every 3 weeks.

The Sanchez Family said...

Poor Izzie! I am glad she did so well though! At least now you will be able to get her on medicine to make her better, it will probably help with the ear infections too!

Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

Poor thing. She is a big girl and looks like she recovered well. I took Savannah around 9 months and they only did the test on her arm. She screamed for a short time. Her allergies are bad so she has been on singular, zyrtec then back to singular. They suggested we do allergy shots 3 times a week but at such a young age I choose not too. She is 2 1/2and still runny, sneezing and her poor little eyes run all the time. Next follow up I am sure they will be doing all the other test. YIKES!!! Hope her medicine works!

loganmarsh said...

Poor baby!!! Ok where did she get all that hair!!! I'm behind on ckecking blogs. WOW!! Again we need to get together.