Saturday, September 27, 2008

Izzie Update

I feel like I need to update on Isabelle and her happenings. Since I have chosen not to do monthly growth updates since she is a year old now but I do want to document from time to time what she is doing and how she is growing. I will do a big update at 15 months since we go back to the doctor then and probably 18 months! (I am going to do portrait pics every 6 months now) So this will be just a "what is going on in our house" post!

Isabelle is getting so big. I did take her to the doctor last week for that fever and she was 23lbs. she is not gaining a lot of weight but she is getting taller. We can tell just in her clothes. Her dresses are not as long on her and she is fitting better into some of her 18 month clothes. She still wears 12 months in some things so we are caught between 12 and 18 month size clothes which is fine! She even has graduated to baths in the big tub. We got rid of the inflatable tub this week and got a good long bath mat and she loves laying down in the tub and taking a bath with all her bath toys around her.

She is talking more and more everyday. Yesterday we had the windows open and she heard the train whistle and stood up and said "choo choo" so plain Scott & looked at each other like where did that come from? She repeats or tries to repeat anything and everything so watch what you say around her!

She gives the best kisses when she wants too and if she does not want to do something you ask her she will shake her head NO! She drinks from her sippie and eats table food. We still have the paci and have no intent to get rid of it yet she loves it and only really wants it when she is tired or upset. Now her snuggly she will probably be carrying down the graduation aisle but we can work on that much later on. She loves her snugglies I am just glad she loves all 4 of them and not just 1 makes it easier on mommy to get them washed! ( I wash 2 at a time)

Isabelle loves her daycare if you remember she is at an in home sitter. Miss Shirley is great Izzie never cries when I leave and is always so happy when I pick her up.
Izzie and mommy finally adjusted and now we both are so happy!
She is the first one there in the mornings and gets her one on one time with Miss Shirley which they both love! She is also very partial to Miss Shirley's daughters one is a senior and the other in middle school and they play with her every morning before leaving for school! It took me some time to adjust but I am very happy with her being there I know she is happy ad being taken care of. It is also great for her socially she has 5 other little friends to play with each day and Miss Shirley has them on a great schedule and they are so happy when I go in the afternoons! They play hard because Miss Priss is sometimes cranky in the evenings from her long day so we stay on a strict bedtime schedule of bath around 7:00 or 7:30 and bed at 8pm. She goes right down and sleeps all night. Daddy & I are lucky because during the week we wake her up at 6am but on weekends she sleeps 12 hours and she gets up about 8am which is nice! She is like her mommy she needs her sleep!!!!!!

As for Scott & I we are making it. Things are tough and we have been faced with some hard decisions. Scott's job did not come through and we feel like we are never going to catch a break. He has not had a steady job since last year. Please pray for him and us. He needs a job and we would love to get back on our feet. We are doing the best we can and we have so much support from our families. I just worry so much about him because this has taken a toll on him. Please remember us in your prayers. My job is going great and I am perfectly happy there. I love my job. I have a great class this year and we are off and learning so much already!!!!

I have a lot of pics from the past week, a lot from playing outside the other afternoon. Also some of Izzie with her new purse. I hosted a thirty-one gifts party for Beth she is a new consultant and I did well and got a lot of free stuff and my order came Thursday so Miss Izzie got her new purse with her name on it yesterday and loves it! Sorry for the long update but some people want to know and I also want it all in here for me! Have a great weekend!


happymomof2 said...

Sounds like you all are enjoying the cooler weather, getting outside etc... Looks like Izzy is adjusting to the changes and is adorable as ever. Henry is still in 9 month (some 6-9m and 12m) clothes, so I don't know what I am going to do. This summer at the outlets I loaded up on 12-18 month clothes for him. Oh well. I enjoyed the update and will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers! Enjoy your fall break and I hope that you are able to enjoy your time with your Grandmother- she too is in our thoughts and prayers. Make sure you have lots of pictures with your grandmother, yourself and Izzy (that is one thing I regret- I didn't get any pictures of my grandmother, Madelyn and myself together).

CBJR Family said...

Love the pictures! Rachie is such a shrimp! When I took her to the doctor the other day she weighed 24.4 lbs. Izzie is a sweet little girl! I love her hugs! You and Scott are always in my prayers. Hopefully you will catch a break soon!

Roxy said...

Sorry to hear things have been so rough for you and Scott!!! Can he go back to Bill Mudd...I thought he was working w/ Damon? There's lots of electrians in the area...surely someone needs help...even if it's not the BEST least getting his foot in the door...and bringing home a paycheck...which would help lift his spirits...and the budget! We'll keep you in our prayers,

The Sanchez Family said...

You all are always in our prayers. I know God has great plans for you soon. Izzie is a little one, but still very cute! We passed 12 month clothes long ago...we are now in 18-24 months here!

Kim said...

What a big girl. I'm so happy you enjoy her so much.
I'm sorry about the job situation for Scott. You guys should read Job together. I had never read it. A month ago, Jordan and I read it together, and it has changed my/our life. Very uplifting when in a crummy situation. I know something will work out for Scott. I'm sorry for the hardships. Hang in there.
Love ya cousin!