Thursday, October 23, 2008

Losing Weight

The 1st picture was taken Easter morning March 2008 and the 2nd picture last Saturday October 2008. Can you tell a difference? I have lost 12.4lbs since starting The Biggest Loser at work in September. I have a whole lot more to go but I am proud of what I have done so far.

This summer Scott & I started walking and I don't weigh myself daily but I know what I weighed after having Isabelle and since getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes at 3 weeks after having her I have lost about 20lbs. I don't technically count that since I was not weighing regularly. So we will go with hat I have lost since I started Biggest Loser at work.

So as of today I am down 12.4lbs my clothes fit better and I am getting a lot of compliments on how I look. I am going to stick with it and lose more. I have a great support system with the girls at school and my team partner (my wonderful assistant) so I will keep you posted with updates and pics from time to time!


Kim said...

That is so great, Jodie! I can tell a big difference. You look great. Good for you!

Roxy said...

You GO Girl!!! Keep it up...and Remember is a LIVE IT...not a DIET!
This is a LIFESTYLE change for you and that Izzie can grow up to be healthy and have Active parents. Little ones form lifetime behaviors by age keep up the GREAT work!
Email or call if you need any info... I am a dietitian and exercise crazyed person. Walking is GREAT...but don't let it detour you when the weather changes...keep walking just bundle up! The hill on Madison is a GREAT one...use it!!
Put Izzie in the stroller and get more resistance training up that hill!
Best wihes,

The Sanchez Family said...

WOW!! You look great! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you! Keep up the great work!


Jessica said...

See!! I told you that you look great! I love the post...especially the part about your wonderful assistant!! :)

Lani said...

Good for you on your weightloss journey! You should be super proud of yourself!!!!!!

And thanks so much for you comment on my blog.It means so much to know I am not along in those feelings.