Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TN Trip

We went this past weekend to TN to visit my grandparents. My mom was also there so we got to spend time with her sorry we missed you dad! We had a good weekend visiting with family and old friends. Izzie was full of kisses for her great papaw when we saw him at the nursing home! As soon as I can get the video off of the DVD recorder I will post that but for now here are some pics.


Jessica said...

Girl----look how thin you are looking! Way to go! Looks like you had fun with the fam. These memories will be forever priceless.

DaleClinton said...

Mamaw and Papaw loved being with you and wouldn't take a million dollars for that beautiful little girl. Being with you this past weekend meant so much and we love you so much.

Kim said...

Oh Jodie-I know you will treasure these pictures of Izzie with your Mamaw and Papaw. I love the picture of them, you, Izzie and Dale. Everyone looks so happy. Glad you got to go spend the weekend with them.