Thursday, November 13, 2008

15 Months

I can not even believe my baby is 15 months old. As I have said before where does the time go???? Isabelle had her 15 month check up on Wed. as well as a follow up for her ear infection. We saw Dr. Price this time and she said 1 more ear infection and we would be sent to the ENT possibly for tubes. I felt like saying see you next month but I didn't. She does want to see her back in a month to see how the ear has cleared up or as I figure not cleared up. I see tubes in our near future. Now on to 15 month stats!

Isabelle weighs 25lbs. (75%) Her height is 29 3/4 inches (25%) She is going to be short! and her head circumference is 46 1/2 (75%) big head means big SMART brain!!!!! All in all she is short but she is proportioned! She is doing so much at 15 months so I will try to list it all...

*running everywhere (more than walking)

*climbing on everything
*loves milk
*only takes a sippy cup
*drinks white grape juice (mainly water with a little juice)
*loves chicken nuggets
*loves spaghetti & Gerber graduates spaghetti rings
*loves to be read too
*loves her baby dolls
*pretend plays
*loves Elmo & Backyardigans
*loves to dance
*tries to snap (thanks to Aunt Wendi)
*High 5's (thanks to Aunt Sarah)
*Sleeps 10-12 hours a night
*loves to cuddle (especially in mommy & daddy's bed)
*loves outside
*loves cheese
*loves to play with her friends
*loves Miss Shirley
*says- thank you, bye, hi, hidee, NO, yes, Izzie, Momma, Daddy, Papa, nana, dorie, dora, juice, I see, dog, cat, baby, book, night night, go,toys, belly, eyes, nose, choo choo, chicken, poo poo and there are more I am sure since she says something new all the time.
*makes the following animal sounds- moo (cow), woof-woof (dog), meow (cat), cack cack (quack quack) (duck) ,SSSS (snake), RRRRR (lion, tiger, bear) and bok bok (chicken)!
*wants to eat on her own and doing a good job with a spoon and fork
*loves yogurt
*gives the best hugs & kisses
*is a bit of a mommy's girl right now but still loves her daddy so much
I am sure there is so much more but that is a long list already so we will leave it at that!

Isabelle you bring such JOY to my life and I can not imagine it without you. Happy 15 months baby girl mommy loves you so much!!!!!!


Kim said...

She is doing so much-can't believe all the things she says and the animal noises. What a smarty!

The Sanchez Family said...

15th Months Izzie!!

Jessica said...

I love her little feet in the picture! Cute AND smart..what a great combination!