Thursday, December 25, 2008

Izzie's 2nd Christmas

We have had a busy few days. Christmas Eve day we spent getting the new playroom all in order for Santa to visit. Christmas Eve we went over to Uncle Rickey's & Aunt Sarah's. Papa & Gamma were there and Grandorie came with us. We had bar-b-que (Papa's specialty) and we opened our Christmas pj's. We also talked a lot about Papaw just remembering the good times. I told everyone how I had played the Wii earlier that day and bowled and how that reminded me of him (he was a bowler for many years) We came home and Izzie got a bath and went to bed and the fun started as daddy & mommy played Santa.

Christmas morning We got up and it was so fun to watch her enter the living room. Last year she was only 4 months old so a big difference from last year. She did not seem sure at first like wow are these for me to play with. She started checking everything out and wanted it out of boxes. Papa & Gamma came over and Uncle Rickey & Aunt Sarah as well. We opened gifts and Izzie was so funny because she started getting into it and wanted to open all the presents! We also enjoyed our traditional breakfast casserole Grandorie came over and ate with us. We spent some time playing the Wii (Scott & I got guitar hero from Papa & Gamma. I also got Dancing With The Stars for the Wii, it is fun!) After a little while things settled down and everyone left and we took a nap and played the rest of the day. I think her favorite toy right now is her Little People Magna Doodle she has been playing with that all day!

This evening we went over to the Starr's house for a yummy dinner and dirty Santa! It was great to just be with everyone today that is what is so important. Now we are home, Scott is playing guitar hero I am blogging and Iz is asleep! It was a great Holiday.

The New Playroom

We turned our extra bedroom into Izzie's playroom. We had to with all the toys and the big toys she got for Christmas. It is nice not to have all those toys in the living room. She really likes it and was playing in it today!


happymomof2 said...

It is so nice to have a playroom- not only will she love it but you all will too!!! We have one however as soon as we can get rid of the pool table we are moving it into the big part of the basement- we have sooooo many toys! So if you all know anyone interested in a pool table- hardly been used, black felt etc...

The Sanchez Family said...

I love our playroom too! It is nice to have a place to keep all the madness! It looks like she got some great toys and will have plenty of room to play with them!

Kim said...

That's awesome-you will love it as much as she does! So nice to have a "home" for the toys!