Friday, January 30, 2009


What a week I have some pretty pics of snow and ice but oh my was it crazy. We woke up to no school on Monday and a little snow on the ground and roads. Monday was uneventful as we were bracing for the big stuff to come early Tuesday morning and come it did! We woke up to snow and ice and snow and ice on Tuesday oh yeah and we woke up to a sick baby with a fever over 101 degrees. So we gave her Tylenol and called the doctor well guess what no doctor in our group was in because of the weather. so I talked to the doc on call (he is not my favorite by any means) and he said oh it sounded like a cold and she should be fine and to bring her in when they opened the next day. Oh yeah and did I mention 2 kids at the daycare had RSV...YIKES! So I was concerned her symptoms were sounding like the same. So we started breathing treatments and kept alternating Motrin and Tylenol. In the mean time the weather is getting worse and Izzie is more irritable and the fever is not going down.

So Tuesday afternoon we head to the ER because the roads are getting worse and more ice is coming. They take a chest x-ray and say she is clear and send us home still the fever will not come down even after them giving her Tylenol, did I also mention she is not eating or wanting to drink. So we keep giving her Tylenol and Motrin and try to get her to at least drink.

Wednesday morning we wake up and as I am giving another dose of medicine at 5AM and listening to limbs and trees fall outside from the ice (that was weird) I hear a POP and then no power! Scott gets up and gets the generator going and I continue to take care of Izzie. All day we just hang out and thank God we have the generator because that meant we had heat! Izzie was cranky and she would play a little and then want to be held and just cry she did not feel well at all.

So Thursday morning we wake up at 4Am with her fever over 101 again as soon as her medicine would lapse during the night her fever would spike right back up. We got up and called the doctor when they opened (they had no power either and were closed on Wed. as well) We head in early afternoon to see Dr. C she is GREAT! We get there I express my frustration and she begins to check Izzie out. She was also concerned since we had just seen her a little over a week ago and she had that bad sore throat and since we had been to the ER on Tuesday. What was wrong with Isabelle they weighed her and she had lost 1 1/2 pds since Friday she was not eating or drinking so we were concerned about dehydration. She starts checking her and found a blister in her left ear and she even let me look at it! Then she looked in her throat and oh my she said it was bad red and puss yuck. She said her tonsils were swollen as well. So she put her on antibiotic and hopefully she will get better! Oh yeah we got power back Thursday afternoon around 4PM!

Now it is Friday we have been out of school ALL WEEK which means we will be going all summer! Well not really but many more days out and we will! Although I am glad since Isabelle was sick all week it made it better for me! Izzie is feeling a bit better today and the fever has been much lower today so I think she is on the mend. She has played more today but still gets tired easily and irritable. We still have a ton of snow and ice and hope some of it melts this weekend! Even though it was a lot and we did not have power for a day and a half it was still very pretty! enjoy the pics!


The Sanchez Family said...

Poor Izzie! It sounds like you all had a horrible week. It has been a little rought here, but everyone was well here. Just bored out of our minds being stuck in the house. I hope she gets better soon, being sick is no fun.

happymomof2 said...

Oh My!!! What a week. I am glad to hear that Izzie is doing better and that you got to the bottom of it. We are still without power- we were staying in a hotel but we are now at my parents. Hopefully you won't have to go to school all summer I heard where they are appealing to the gov. to not have to make up the days?!

Kim said...

Bless her heart. You did good taking care of her, mommy!
Glad you guys had a generator.
Hope baby girl is well!