Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning

Saturday night Izzie put her decorated eggs in her basket and left her basket on her pink chair for the Easter Bunny then she went to bed. When we woke up Saturday morning we found a trail of eggs leading her to her basket from the doorway of the living room. Several eggs were hid around the living room as well. Izzie found a basket full of goodies. She got a new little chubby baby, 2 new cups, bath drops, 2 books one about colors and one about counting, a new Elmo's World DVD, cereal bars and Dora gummies (instead of candy) She was so excited pulling each thing out one by one! Grandorie came over and brought Izzie a baby doll and a new book (I'll Always Love you) and Papa & Gamma gave Izzie a HUGE bunny on Saturday night (they left really early Sunday morning) and a Peter Cottontail book.

Daddy fixed a great pancake breakfast and then we headed to church. It was a great service. We had lunch at Our Best in Smithfield and came home and we all tuckered out and took a nap. Izzie and mommy slept a long time we needed it. While we were napping our sweet neighbors brought Izzie a Easter Basket of goodies so when we woke up we went over to visit and say Thanks! It was a Great Easter Sunday! Oh yeah and then tonight she got to use her new bath drops and had red water it is really cool!


Kim said...

I like the trail of eggs idea! The color drops for the bath are so fun-I loved Izzie's big smile!

La La said...

What an awesome Easter! Love the pics, too cute.

renee rhodes said...

cute site!