Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rainbow Cupcakes

I found this recipe on a blog I look at quite often Lick The Bowl Good she cooks and bakes and wow they always look so yummy. So I thought I would try her Rainbow cupcakes she made on what would have been her 2nd son's 2nd birthday (Monica had 2 baby boys Sam & Jack who were still born) You can read her story on her other blog Still Hopeful She is also under my list of people in need of prayers.

I decided I would try this recipe and it is from scratch. You have to try it. Now mine are not as pretty on top as hers but I was so proud of myself just getting the rainbow right. Mine did not rise like I wish they had so I will try them again. They are so cute and it was not hard but let me tell you they are DELICIOUS!

We decided to take almost all the icing off and let Izzie have one after lunch today she LOVED it. It was so funny she was eating away and she almost ate the whole cupcake and then she sat there and she was really still and quiet and I heard her say "tank you mommy,I wuv you mommy" it was priceless. She gets sweets but not a lot and not like that and bless her heart she was so thankful for that cupcake. She did tell me when I gave it to her "pretty mommy" she thought the cupcake was pretty and I have to agree they are pretty!


The Sanchez Family said...

Those look good! I am not that good in the kitchen but I may pass it on to Kelly!

Jessica said...

That "thank you mommy and love you mommy" makes everything worth the effort, doesn't it?!