Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sign Language

I have to admit I tried teaching her sign language when she was around 4-5 months old as she started to eat solids. I am impatient we all know that and when she was not really responding I gave up. Well now Miss Sarah (her teacher at Miss Shirley's) started teaching her age group last week and my baby girl has really caught on. In the video you here me say look at mommy not to show her the signs only to get her to focus and look at the camera so she would do them. That is why when I say "look at Mommy" she did the sign for mommy. No they are not perfect yet, she uses her index finger instead of thumb for mommy and daddy and flowers goes around the face (which she usually does) and bubbles looks more like you are popping bubbles but she is getting it! She is able to do them when asked of course only when she wants to do them so that is why I was so excited I got them all on video today! I am so proud of her!


Kim said...

That's so great! YAY, Izzie!

Mills said...

Soooo impressive!