Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Story Time

This morning I took Izzie to our new Public Library for Toddler Story Time. She loved it, we are going back Friday and will be signing up for their summer program. She listened to the stories and did a lot of dancing during the songs! Here are a few pics of her playing in the Children's Library waiting on Story Time to start.


happymomof2 said...

Did know if you knew about Pottery Barn kids storytime. It is every Tuesday at 11am- Oxmoor mall (right outside of the store). They read a couple books, sing songs, dance, and then afterwards you can go in the store and play. My kids like it and another good thing is they get a little card to get stamped for ea. visit to story time and after 5 visits (5 stamps) you get $10 off an item!!! I was thinking maybe this summer we could meet you there:)

The Sanchez Family said...

It looks like she loves to read! That is such a good thing! The summer program sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun. Isn't it great being a teacher and a mom, you still get to do all the fun stuff in the summer.