Sunday, May 31, 2009

Empty Nest

Yes, last weekend the birds left the nest. The 1st one got out last Friday night (May 22nd). We were eating dinner and saw the bird on the deck and yes it let me get pretty close for a pic!

Then there were 3!
So Saturday morning all 3 were there as we set up our yard sale and in the middle of the morning we noticed there were only 2! As we were watching we saw the 3rd on leave the nest!
and then there was 1 little bird left...
So Sunday morning Isabelle and I were outside before church and the 1 little bird was sitting up so tall and then just like that he flew out and got to the ground. It was cute as the mommy bird chased him around the yard chirping I can just imagine she was saying "I told you not to get out of that nest!" So we have an empty nest.
They are all gone and it was a lot of fun watching them grow and hopefully we will get a chance to watch more again next spring!