Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Isabelle

2 years ago August 4, 2007 holding Isabelle Grace in my arms for the first time

and now August 4, 2009
Oh my where do I start my baby turned 2 today! She is not a baby anymore she is a toddler but she will always be mommy's baby! We woke up to rain rain rain but that did not stop our picnic plans. We still met Beth, Jack & Rachel for a picnic but instead of outside we met inside in my classroom. It turned out after we ate Paula was at school Amy and her girls and many others so the kiddos had a blast going between mine and Amy's room and scattering things everywhere! It was fun! We came home and I got Isabelle a giant cupcake at the store and we sang Happy Birthday and shared the cupcake and she LOVED IT! She has her 2 yr appointment in the AM so more after that! Enjoy the pics and video from tonight! Happy 2nd Birthday Isabelle I love you so much and you amaze me everyday!


CBJR Family said...

Good to the last lick!! Yummy! Rachel said, "She made a mess!" We had a great time with you girls yesterday! Happy 2nd Birthday, Izzie!!!

Jessica said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Izzie! I love the videos! They are sooooo entertaining! She made the cupcake look simply scrumptious!

Kim said...

Aw! That last pic of her is so you. That expression. I love the 1st pic-Scott's smile is priceless! Glad you guys had a great time celebrating Izzie's 2nd b'day!