Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger and yes my blog has taken a backseat to life these days. WOW things have been hectic. We have moved and we are so happy. I am so much closer to work and friends. Scott got a job at Kroger and is doing well he is also very close to work. So we are settling in and adjusting! I promise to try to do better with the blog.

Here are a few pics of Miss Isabelle from the past couple of weeks. Yesterday afternoon she helped me bake cookies which was a fun new experience for her. She is so much fun and boy does she have a personality and a wonderful sense of humor. I like to think she got all her good traits from me of course, although Daddy says she got all my bad habits! She did get my curls and people believe me now that I am not straightening my hair anymore and man is it curly these days!