Tuesday, November 17, 2009


More and more when it gets quiet in the house we can usually find Isabelle...playing in her room. Yes you would think she was into something which has always been the case but these days we are finding her playing in her room. In the past she would empty her room into the living room not ever leaving our sight and now I can clean up her room and in a matter of minutes she dumps it all back out and is playing in the floor and is so content. Just one more reminder my baby is not a baby anymore! Enjoy the pics although the one of her crying stuck in the cubby that goes in her shelf is just too cute and I had to throw the one of her and daddy asleep on the couch in too but the others are of her playing in her room the other day! Oh and yes that is her shirt around her waist she took it half off I guess she loves to have nothing on half the time!


Kim said...

LOL! That is so cute of Isabelle stuck! She'll appreciate it one day.
LOVE her curtains, Jodie! Too cute.