Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

WOW and a Merry Christmas it was. It was a great Christmas. We were so excited about Isabelle and seeing Christmas through her eyes. She was so excited. She helped everyone open their presents and she played all day with her new toys. We also hit a new milestone but that will be a separate post! Enjoy the pics they start with Christmas Eve and I am trying to get video uploaded which may have to be a separate post!

Christmas Eve At Our House
Dad and Mom came over and brought a wonderful spread from Mitchell's. We ate and then opened our traditional Christmas Eve pj's. Then Scott and I slipped out to a friend's open house for about an hour. We came home set out cookies and got miss Izzie to bed.

Christmas Day
 We woke Isabelle up early to see what Santa had brought her. He even left her a note! She loved it all. She got her kitchen, Bitty Baby twins and tons of books and a puzzle. Mommy & Daddy also got her a Tag Junior and several tag junior books and she loves them. She played dress up and took care of her twins and cooked for us all today. She also did some coloring in her new coloring books. Mommy & Daddy also got some wonderful things. We got the swivel sweeper (thanks Allison for blogging about it) We needed it now having hardwood floors & rugs! We also got a new comforter for the bed and we got a GARMIN! I also got a trunk full of THREADS for embroidering! WOW it was full of color over 100 spools and colors! I got stabilizers and all kinds of tools to use for embroidering and sewing also a gift card to Joann Fabrics! Scott got socks, a Wii game, headphones for his ipod and a much needed gift card to get some new clothes! We stayed in all day took a nap and just enjoyed the day together. Papa and Namma were here this morning for seeing what Santa brought and opening presents. Grandorie came over a for a little while. Then this afternoon Papa and Namma came back and spent the afternoon and evening with us. Namma fixed a a corn souffle and green bean casserole and we had a wonderful honey baked ham! It was a great day.