Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just a few pics & updates

So it is day 2 of the new year and we have not been very productive just hanging out at home keeping things picked up, playing and keeping the laundry done! Working hard on enjoying my weekend since I go back to school on Monday! Here are a few pics of Miss Isabelle yesterday!

Potty Training Update: She is doing well. On average about 2-3 accidents a day. Mainly her accidents involve #2! She has only pooped in the potty that one night so we are still working on that. For the most part she is coming to tell us she needs to pee or she runs into the bathroom. She also takes her pink potty into her room because it is also a stool and that is how she gets on her bed. This morning I found this...


Nothing like having it all right at your finger tips and yes the picture above she is singing while using the potty! She went all on her own! Potty Training is going better than I ever imagined it would!

Big girl Bed Update: She is doing GREAT! Most nights I put her to bed we say our prayers and I tuck her in and then she may yell for me or get out of bed a few times but then goes to sleep. Last night she was so tired she went right down never yelled for me to come in there and NEVER got out of bed. This sweet pic I took when I went to check in on her!

Thank goodness for the bed rail or she would be on the floor most nights! She turns all over that bed during the night...I know because she has slept in bed with us before and let me tell you she kicks all night long!!!


CBJR Family said...

What a big girl! So many accomplishments! Way to go, Miss Izzie!