Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WHAT she has Strep Throat

Yes miss Isabelle had her 1st case of strep throat. Tues. afternoon Ms. Shirley called when Isabelle woke from nap she had a fever. It was the end of the school day. I called and got her an appointment with Dr. C and left a few minutes early to get her. I got there and she was on the couch and when she saw me she just cried. Her cheeks were red and she was hot. So we headed to the doctor. We got there and as most all the time we got called back quickly. It was so abnormal for her every time we are at the doctor even when she feels bad she is up walking around the room or on the table talking some etc. not this time even Dr. C made comment about how pitiful she was. She stayed in my lap asleep most of the time on my shoulder. She did not want Dr. C to look in her mouth and now we know why. Dr. C got one look in there and said I am swabbing her I bet she has strep and 7 minutes later it was positive. Last year she had a yucky throat a lot like throat infections yucky with puss etc. They would swab for strep but always said highly unlikely until she was 2. For some reason you don't tend to get strep until you are 2...I have no idea why I did not ask! So like last year we had the yucky throat and ear infections I hope the strep is not going to be reoccurring. I hope this is her 1st and only case of it! Her fever broke early this morning and she has had 2 days of antibiotic now and she is back to her old self. So we have 10 days of meds a new toothbrush and we boiled all the paci's last night and again tonight ( I know we need to get rid of them but remember baby steps) So hopefully we are not going to make weekly doctor visits between last week and this week I am done with illness for awhile!

This was Monday night before bed taking her breathing treatment!


Michele said...

Poor little one!!!