Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Mommy Bracelet

Well most of you know if you visit my blog I lost 2 babies prior to having Isabelle. If you pay attention to my tickers above we just hit the 5 year anniversary of losing our 1st baby. This weekend I visited the store A Mother's Touch. Here in Louisville. I have been wanting something to wear to symbolize all my babies. I have my necklace with a little girl on it that represents Isabelle but I have wanted something to represent the babies we lost too. I know I eventually want a mother's ring but I also want to wait until I know for sure we are finished having kids. So I have been looking and decided I wanted a necklace or a bracelet. Not sure what I wanted it to look like I spent an hour in the store and the ladies were WONDERFUL working with me letting my look at all the options they had and what I had in my head. I decided I wanted a charm bracelet with a little girl charm on it to represent Izzie and 2 heart charms to represent our babies in heaven. Then I saw birthstones and decided I wanted Isabelle's birthstone and what would have been the birthstones of our other 2 babies. They were great and she created a teardrop birthstone for each one and then we put it all together and she said let's attach the birthstone to each charm and that was even better. I love it and this way I can add to it. Hopefully there will be another baby boy or girl added some day soon. We hope we never have to add another heart charm. This way I carry all 3 of my babies with me everyday. I know in my heart I am a mommy of  3. I have one amazing daughter here on earth and 2 amazing babies waiting on me in heaven.

Isabelle saw my bracelet and said "what is that mommy" and not knowing what to say I said "it is a bracelet of mommy's babies". She looked at me and said "your babies" and I said "yes there you are on the middle with your August birthstone and before you were born mommy & daddy had 2 babies that did not get to stay. They are in heaven with Jesus" and I pointed to the hearts and said "one would have been born in Dec. 2005 and the other would have been born in March 2007 and those are their birthstones". I then told her "that is why you are mommy and daddy's miracle baby girl because you stuck around and made it" she looked at me with a smile and said "I made it mommy" and I said "yes you did baby"! She was content with that and now she says "let me see Isabelle and the babies on your arm mommy". I just love that kiddo more than life itself!


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BEAUTIFUL bracelet!!!!! I wanted to same thing- something to represent our angel babies. I have a pandora bracelet and I have an angel on it (I need to get another) and then on my mother necklace I have each of the kiddos names on a tag including Williams. Anyhoo beautiful bracelet enjoy.

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