Sunday, April 18, 2010

She Dressed HERSELF!

She loves to get in her drawers and pull out her clothes and put them all on (well not all at once) but you know what I mean. She had on that shirt you see in the pic with cute short overalls with flowers and ladybugs on them and then her red crocs and her hair was in pig tails. Oh she looked so cute! Well after we got home from school (she went to school with me this afternoon and played in my classroom while I got some work done for the upcoming week) she took off her overalls and put on the striped pants! No she does not match but she did it all on her own! No matter what she is still cute although mommy would never let her leave the house in that outfit...daddy maybe but not mommy just sayin! Oh and the pic of her backside...she was shaking her bootie for the camera...she is a nut!

Look at those cute pigtails! I love that she is letting me put her hair up now and she is leaving it in. Those have been in all day and she looks so big with her hair pulled up or back!


CBJR Family said...

Cute pics!!

Dana Dill said...

lol!!! I love her choices. It's actually in style right now with teenagers :) She had quite the eye for fashion!!!