Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She did it!

She gave up her sassies (paci). Well we had been talking that when I got out of school for the summer we would begin mission get rid of sassy. So last Wed. it began she could only have sassy when sleeping (nap/night time). It had to stay in her bed. We had been talking to her that she would soon be 3 and did not need her sassy. She knew she had to be rid of it by her Dora party in Aug. we talked about going to Build A Bear and putting them in an animal. She liked that idea and then we would say no more sassy and she would reply with "NO". So she was not getting it but she took to the sleeping only OK. She cried when she was tired for it and her option was to go to bed and she would! Well I started thinking if I leave it up to her she will never willingly let it go she loves it. So I decided we would go cold turkey! Scary thought but we had to do it. So Isabelle and I headed to PA on Sunday and I had 6 hours to ponder the idea. So I decided we were doing it. We would go to Build A Bear on Monday and we did. The pics tell the story

So we went to Build A Bear and we walked in and began looking. The wonderful lady walked over and she saw the baggie of paci's in my hand and she said "is this a big day for you" well with that I have to admit tears were in my eyes. I did not think I would make it. This is the last "baby" thing she had she is potty trained and sleeps in a big girl bed. She was losing the paci and she is growing up. With that the sweet lady smiled and she took over walking us through the process and oh she made it so special. Isabelle made her choice and then one by one she put her sassies in the rabbit. The wonderful lady had her put one in each hand and each foot first and she let her feel them. She told her whenever she wanted her sassy she could feel it in the rabbit. She then had her put one in the head and then had her save the last 2. She let Isabelle step on the peddle and stuffed the rabbit then the last 2 along with the heart was put in the tummy of the rabbit. With that Sassy rabbit was sewn up and came to life in Isabelle's eyes. It was awesome that you can feel her sassies in the rabbit. We went on to brush the rabbit and Isabelle picked out Hello Kitty pajamas and slippers for her. She named her "Sassy" since this special rabbit has her sassies!

So on the way home she was sleepy and she asked for her sassy. I reminded her they were in the rabbit and she fell asleep in the car holding her rabbit. So night 1 I thought it would be rough I figured there would be lots of tears. I was wrong she did whine and ask for it but soon fell asleep with Sassy Rabbit. I was so proud of her & made a big deal of it when she woke up etc. Night 2 she did not take a nap all day. She also stayed up late waiting for Papa to get home. So when it was time for bed she did not even ask for it she went to sleep. She is a big girl and she is smart and she knows. I did notice her rubbing Sassy Rabbits foot a couple of times as she fell asleep on night 2 and that is what Sassy Rabbit is for. This is such a bittersweet post for me I am so proud of her but my baby is growing up!


CBJR Family said...

So awesome!! That Sassy Rabbit will be such a special memory for her forever! We might have to visit Build-A-Bear when it's time for Lindy to let go. Izzie can help her! (: