Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Papa, Nama & GUB in NYC

Last week Papa, Nama & GUB (Great Uncle Bill) took a road trip to NYC! Nama sent text and pic updates often. This one was taken in Philly (I think) on the way to NYC!

Once in NYC they went sight seeing. They took a tour bus and visited many places like Madison Square Garden
The American Girl Store
This is them in the lobby of American Girl Store! This was so ironic because just a few days earlier Isabelle had gotten the The American Girl Catalog in the mail. She has the Bitty Baby Twins and the double stroller (Santa brought them for Christmas last year). Well she has carried that catalog to bed with her since she got it. She loves Bitty Baby Newborn and most days sometime during the day when she is being quiet you can find her doing this
She is happy to show us 50 times a day what she wants to ask Santa for this year and it is only July!
So Nama calls me, well it was a day I was not by my phone and did not get the message until late. Man I was crushed. So the next day they go back and then I get the pics of them in the lobby and then they send one of the Bitty Baby Nursery
I show Izzie and she goes nuts..."can we go mommy" and I so bad want to say OK but I tell her we will go one day I promise and we will! It is 4 floors of American Girl who would not want to go! Then I get a pic of the babies on display

So at this point Iz and I were just waiting for the text bell to ring on my phone for more pics! Then this one came and good thing Izzie can not read yet because it said underneath
The Purchase!
Yes Miss Izzie will get her wish between her birthday and Christmas she will get the items she has been wishing for the past 2 weeks on pg 50 in the catalog. She turns 3 next Wed. and the following Sat is her party and she will be so excited when she opens her Bitty Baby Newborn and one of the accessories ( I am thinking the diaper bag) and then the stroller with toy bar and doctor's kit will surprise her at Christmas. I can not wait to see her face!

So the ended their trip by visiting Niagara Falls and Sunday I got these beautiful pics

I love this pic it is so pretty!