Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sticker Chart

Yes I put my child on a sticker chart. It has helped and actually she is doing better without it now. She has been the one to back away from it making good choices and when told she gets a sticker she says I don't need one! She did fill her chart and got to go for ice cream. She has another one started but when she does choose to get a sticker she does not want to put it on her chart. So back to why we started one. The 2nd week of summer break Izzie was invited to VBS at a friends church. She loved it and went every night but that also meant late nights. Izzie is a routine child and she needs her sleep so by the end of that week she was so out of sorts we were having major melt downs screaming fits and just all around not a nice girl and not making good choices. So we decided to use positive discipline and talk about making good choices and rewarding her with stickers when she did and it worked my big girl is back. Not to say she does not have her moments and even though we are still not on a good routine like we are during the school year but she is making good choices. Tonight even she was watching TV and she said "mommy they are not making good choices they are making a mess". So that tells me it is getting through! When she filled her first small chart she chose silly bands and the second chart she chose yummy ice cream from Pie Kitchen! Here are some pics!

She is smart and she catches on easy and the sassy behavior was something we had to get a hold on and quick. I know she will still show that sassy behavior at times but she also knows what is expected from her and what is right and wrong! I am proud of her and how she is making good choices!


happymomof2 said...

Way to Go Izzy!!!!!

Dana Dill said...

Great idea! What a sweet heart!