Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

WOW my baby is 3! Where did the time go since 2007! Isabelle you have grown so much this past year. You hit many milestones this past year. In Dec. of 2009 you transitioned to a toddler bed and you potty trained in like 2 weeks! In June 2010 you did something mommy thought would never happen or at least without a gave up your sassy (paci). You just blossomed into a big girl this past year. 

You became more of a picky eater and we struggle daily with that. You have been fairly healthy this year except for a few stomach bugs and a 1 case of strep throat. You did get another ear infection this summer but that was like only your 2nd maybe since tubes last Feb 2009! You are a social butterfly. You love going to church which you and mommy started doing in Oct. 2009 and it is wonderful. You have so many family & friends who adore you which you will see on Sat. (wow we have a crowd coming to your Dora party). I know right now I am forgetting something but will do another post after your 3 year check up (that I need to schedule). Isabelle Grace we love more than words can say! Happy 3rd Birthday!


CBJR Family said...

Happy Birthday, Izzie!! We love you!!

happymomof2 said...

Looks like she had a great b-day. I saw the pictures of the swimming fun:) We missed you all by a day, we were at the same pool the day before. Looks like you have a water bug just like me! HAPPY HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Izzy!!! Have a fun party on Saturday:)