Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Break So far...

We are on fall break this week and so we took a trip to PA! Look at the color in these trees!

Saturday afternoon at the mall with Papa & Nama

The weather is nice not as cool as I expected. We started out the weekend fine and the Saturday night we ended up in the ER after Isabelle screamed for over an hour with ear and throat pain. Low and behold she had an ear infection in her left ear. Same thing happened this summer except that was an outer ear infection due to swimming this time she has a middle ear infection and was put on zithromax. The next day she woke and was feeling much better. She enjoyed playing outside Sunday afternoon.

We have been sewing and shopping and playing. We miss daddy. He had to stay home to work :(
We are having fun and I have learned how to applique and love it!!!!!!

We were planning on going home on Friday but will probably be staying so we can see cousin Jon and his new wife Teresita. They will be here on Sat. I will try to post more pics in the next couple of days!


happymomof2 said...

Happy Fall Break!!! Enjoy your time with your parents:) Great pictures. I too love the color change in the leaves and we have some beautiful ones here, although I would LOVE to have the cooler weather to go with it!!!!

CBJR Family said...

Cool boot!! Glad Izzie is feeling better and you are having a good time! Be careful on your way home!