Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sitting on Santa's lap 2010...well maybe not!

So we have been talking it up for weeks now about sitting on Santa's lap. She has been so excited about this. So found out last week about this awesome setup at Incredible Daves no mall lines and a super awesome Santa and a photographer we know and love (Brandi Drury who took my maternity pics and her 1 month pics not to mention several family pics and wedding pics for my brother and Sarah). She and another photographer and friend Dawn Horine were teaming up on this one. The price was the same as the mall and much less hectic and Santa really talks to the kiddos.

We were all for it so we got there and she had her picture list ready and walked in and started to walk over to Santa and froze and would not go any closer. So Santa backed off and he went to check on his reindeer while Brandi & Dawn got Isabelle all situated and distracted in the big chair. Santa sneaks back in and we have an awesome pic with Santa this year!

So we thought we were home free...until she caught a glimpse of Santa leaving from behind her chair and she flew out of the chair into my arms trembling. So then after a few minutes Santa comes in but stays across the room from her and talks with her. Dawn sit beside her and Scott and helps her share her list with Santa. Santa pulled out his cell phone and called Elf #1 and had Elf #1 look for several of the things Isabelle had on her list and told the elf to put her name on them. They were awesome. This was so personable. Even though she did not sit on his lap she still got a chance to share her list with him and we got a pic. Last year we did not even push it after the year before where she screamed. She would not even look at a Santa last year. So again here is a stroll down memory Santa sitting lane with last year only being a pic in front of the tree!

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