Friday, April 8, 2011

Crocs...oh we LOVE Crocs

Izzie always gets at least 1 pair of crocs for the summer. Usually she gets the traditional and this has been the case since she was one! Well this year she got a new pair and they are different!

I worried she would not have anything to wear with them. You know how you can't picture any of her ooutfits when you are standing there getting ready to make a purchase. My mom said she has a ton of green and pink and well I believed her but could not think of anything. Then we got home and low and behold we found many outfits but this is the one she is wearing today!

Perfect match


CBJR Family said...

Cute! I ordered Rachel a pair like that, too . . . different color, I think.

It's about time to take another picture of the girls in the ladybug car!

Dana Dill said...

Those will go with everything girlie!! Love them!!! She is such a cutie!!

Nikki said...

I didn't know crocs could look so cute!!

Nikki --> now offering the rotating photo design!

Rhonda J said...

So cute! I remember those first tiny little ones! She looks cute in her zebra print dress! Such a diva!