Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buddy the elf happenings

Well Buddy has been up to a lot these days! Some days are good and others not so much!

just hanging out on the lamp

Brought her a surprise...I think he was buttering her up for what he had in store next!

He got in to her panty drawer and hung them on the tree. She was quick to get them off the tree and back into her drawer!

He was looking pretty and trying to make up with her by bringing her a book!

playing ET

telling her to bring her bright & pretty smile to her dance recital!

guess he got hungry

taking a bubble bath in marshmallows

what a good little elf, he helped me out by wrapping some presents. He also wrote her a note telling her he thought he better help her mommy out and only 5 more days!

She cleaned out her room, got rid of a lot of stuff so another little girl could have a good Christmas and Buddy decided he would get into her dress up clothes and play!

Stay tuned for more 3 more nights with Buddy, he leaves us on Christmas Eve and will return next year!