Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ingrown Toe nail at 4 years old!

So I never would have guessed we were going to have this problem, although Scott has dealt with this problem all through his life and her feet do look like her daddy's! Anyway I was putting her tights on her for dance class Tuesday and her toe was swollen and lets just say NASTY! So we got it to drain that evening and I called the doctor the next day. They got us right in and Dr. Hord took a look at it and said for her sake and for his and mine we would send her to the hospital the next morning and he would cut it out under anesthesia.

 I never though that is what would happen. So Thursday morning bright and early we went to the hospital for the procedure. Although a minor procedure it is never fun having you child put to sleep. Isabelle was a trooper. Came out of anesthesia like a champ and even sang at her Christmas program at school that night.

She did wake up today (Sat.) with it hurting and it was swollen. So after some more medicine on it and some motrin she calmed down. We soaked it in epsom salt and she is doing good! Dr. Hord was great with her as he told me he held her until she was out, that guy has my heart for sure now! He even gave Brittany the chipmunk (she took her into the OR with her) a bandage to match on her toe.

Dr. Hord and Dr, Adams are great doctors. Dr. Adams is the dad of Izzie's little boyfriend at school. He came to chat with Scott in I while we waited on Izzie since his first case had not started yet. That night at the program he assured Izzie the hole in her toe would go away since that is what she was most upset about when we took the bandage off!


At Home

Bandage Removal

Soaking her toe