Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More sad news...but life goes on

We were so excited in late April early May when I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. WOW down 39lbs and it actually happened I was pregnant! We were for sure this was going to happen. The doctor sent me for multiple blood quants and low and behold my quants were rising as normal. This was really going to happen. Then on May 16th during the day I did not feel right. I though it was gas really until late in the afternoon evening it got worse and worse. I called Dr. Basham and she advised me to go to the ER. Around 1AM after all evening in the ER we learned I once again had an ectopic pregnancy. At 3:30AM on the 17th Dr. Basham took me into surgery. When I came out she told Scott I was just hours away from rupturing and my right tube had to be removed. I no longer can get pregnant on my own. I still have ovaries and a uterus so we can pursue IVF again, but that takes $ we don't have. We are not ruling it out but not sure we will ever have the $ to do it again. So life goes on and we are dealing with it day by day. Do we want another child...more than anything just not sure if it is God's plan for us or not. I guess time will tell! We still pray daily for a baby and that God will show us how and bless us with another baby, but if he does not we know that we have the most precious miracle of all...Isabelle Grace! He blessed us beyond measure with her almost 5 years ago and she truly is our miracle!